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The Vibrancy of Prints : a review of Omoni Oboli by Ave


On Sunday, actress Omoni Oboli unveiled her fashion line at the Oriental hotel Lagos, it would seem like a ray of sunlight for what has been an otherwise dreary climate in her life right now. The actress is grieving the loss of her beloved father. Therefore the unveiling of her fashion line is a welcome turn from her grief.

While many would think the fashion line she unveiled is exclusively hers, that is not the case. Apparently she is collaborating with the fashion designer Ayo Van Elmar with the acronym AVE, as a muse.

I welcomed the opportunity to be a part of this event and to see first hand the clothes to be unveiled in this line, from my conversations with the actress, this is the first collaboration and its success, will be a determining factor for subsequent alliances.

One thing that jumps out at me is the infusion of Vibrancy in prints, clearly this line concerns itself with prints, however there is deviation from the colourlessness of traditional prints, to an infusion of bright colors. The fashion designer was indeed skilled to play it safe, because theatrics with prints is dangerous  and incorrectly balanced, could come off as ‘clowny’ or too much. AVE however situated its vibrant print against a solid staple colour, giving it an artistic blend rather than a clash.

Why Omoni Oboli’s line screams safe and is lovely to look at, there is a undertone of monotony, which jumps out as “then what”,  this is likely to give fashion connoisseurs pause, as nobody wants to have a wardrobe with similar idea or patterns in clothing.  Undoubtedly it screams boredom and is not likely to have ladies gasping for breath at its aesthetic mangnificence.

Perhaps the designer is leaning towards ‘boring’ and demure rather than heart clenching creations, whatever it is, I wish her luck, in this latest endeavor.


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