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War Rages On As Marital Crisis Hits Famous Idimi Sisters



Adebare Akinwale

The indimi sisters are back on the lips of many. They were on the lips of many people during the marital squabble between Rahama and ex-hubby, Mohammed Babangida.
Their role in the marriage of brother Ahmed to Zahra, the daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari and subsequent ban from the main ceremony also served as the source of huge gist in high society.
Another wedding is inbound for the family and another round of drama is said to be on. But this time, the sisters are reportedly at war with one another and the ludicrous details are said to spilling into the public space as they take it to the social media.
The meat of the latest colorful tales about the famous sisters is that one is about to get married to her sister’s former lover. And a date in July 2018 has been picked. The bride is disclosed as Hauwa according to information reaching us The ‘’scorned one” is fingered as Fatima, her half-sister.
The groom to be is labeled as ‘’ to Muhammed Yar’Adua, son of late NNPC boss Abubakar’’ Further checks confirmed that the upcoming marital union ‘’ development is said to have not gone down well with Fatima and her full sisters. As far as they are concerned, their half-sister Hauwa has broken the sacrosanct “sisters’ code” by engaging in a sizzling romance with her sister’s ex’’.
Further revelation revealed what was an intense family discord spilled into social media when Rahama, the former wife of Mohammed Babangida aired her feelings on the matter and the intending bride responded with her own position.
Family and friends were said to have jumped in with different shades and hues of comments as sides were taken – and continue to be taken as the colorful drama rages on.The famous indimi sisters are the daughters of Mohammed Indimi, the known businessman, popular at a time as in-law to ex president Ibrahim Babangida – but now as that of incumbent President Muhammad Buhari.

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