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Ways To Create A More Romantic Bedroom


Ilori Titilayo

This segment was created due to popular demand, you asked for it and now you are getting it. I promised to help
you spice up your love life in the bedroom through this article.

Sit back and relax as it gets more interesting and romantic each week.

Since the segment is about ‘the bedroom’ let me start off by helping you get ready, to create a romantic bedroom.

This will prepare you for your sensual journey.

The bedroom is a part of the house, thus, it is a place where love and romance are cultivated, encouraged and celebrated.

Real intimacy has the power to heal, renew, refresh, restore and sustain the relationship. These steps will help you turn your bedroom into an incubator for romance.

1. Add a touch of glamour

Accessories are important when it comes to decorating a room, romantic touches such as a glass lamp and sequined pillow. Adding mirrors to your bedroom will also be a good idea

2. Make the bedroom inviting

Make sure you pick a comfortable bed, soft and silky. Use layers of texture like a velvet pillow and satin pillow.

3. Invest in scented candles and burn them often

Please note that candles are not meant to just decorate tables and shelves, a couple who doesn’t make use of scented candles is missing out on the soft lighting, subtle fragrance and colours.

4. Don’t forget about soothing fragrances

Make sure to cover the room with lovely scents, spray linens and clothing with refreshing scents. Linen spray is a quick and easy way to keep sheets smelling fresh and the soothing fragrance can calm you.

5.  Banish the exercise equipment

There is nothing as annoying as a big bulky treadmill in the middle of your bedroom. A bedroom is a place for lovemaking and relaxation and exercise machines just don’t fit in.

6. Keep music option handy

Whether you use a full stereo set or simple iPod speaker, find a way to play music in your bedroom. Choose music that soothes both you and your spouse, whether it is a collection of standards, classical, or soft rock.

7. Take out the television

Try to spend less time in front of the television, and spend your time together before bedtime slips away.

8. Get rid of the office in the bedroom

The bedroom is not an office, get rid of the office atmosphere. Once you’re in bed with your spouse, try to forget about office work and concentrate on each other.

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