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Ways To Take Care of Your Pregnant Wife




Good communication

The first thing you need to do is to share the feelings of your pregnant wife. It helps to bring down her stress level and also makes you feel great.


Make yourself aware of the various pregnancy symptoms which include physical and hormonal imbalance, along with their duration in pregnancy.

Help her choose the right pregnancy diet. Don’t say her doctor is there to do all that, be her doctor at home.

You should help your wife choose variety of foods which include nutrient such as minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, protein and calcium.


Advise her to take adequate amount of water in a day. Ensure that your wife take enough folic acid and iron calcium as those are essential for healthy growth of the baby.


Ensure she gets adequate sleep.

If you pay attention to your wife’s sleep patterns, it would become easier for you to help her get adequate sleep that she needs.


You will find that she sleeps more than usual but you need to let her do so, she needs it.

Learn to cook. You would win her over if you learn to cook some of her favorite dishes and offer to cook from time to time. Also choose the time wisely, perhaps the end of a working week when she is likely to be exhausted.


Massage your pregnant wife. She’s probably enduring a lot of aches and pains which increased with the advancing pregnancy.


The major thrust of the growing foetus is borne by her back. So learn to massage it if you want to give her some relief from these aches. Not to mention the pleasure of the bond that you share with her.

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