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We asked, they answered: Noble Igwe is the king of fashion


Yesterday we had our weekly win Thursday competition, the quiz was ” who’s most stylish” and in our select we had Noble Igwe, Uti Nwanchukwu and the koko master Dbanj!, we had a lot of people comment on their three styles and Noble Igwe came out tops. Congratulations Noble!!! Such a win deserves a top 5 don’t you think?

First, here’s my general take on his style. Here’s a man with well groomed beards! Any man who can keep his beards looking this neat just has to have ocd. That said, his style is effortless and unique.

Yes I know I did a post on Uti’s style too, but here’s the difference between the two men; Uti’s outfits most of the time are provided by a stylist, and you hardly get to see his streetstyle while noble on the other hand styles himself and puts his streetstyle out there. But here’s the similarities between the two men, no matter who or what they’re wearing, they own their style!

Noble Igwe makes native look high fashion, his man purses are so cool without looking the least bit feminine, but but but, I hate his skinny jeans, too skinny for my taste but let’s see the evidence first, then you tell me what you think

Here’s our 5 favorite looks from the ever stylish a Noble Igwe

Noble igwe

I had to put these two images together, these are two suits styled differently. Style does that to you, it gives you more wear out of your clothes. So take a tip from noble and stop boring us with just suits, and shoes, explore and play with your style, throw in a pair of sneakers, or just do something more creative. It’s a challenge.

Noble Igwe happenings

Young people are beginning to embrace their native fashion, and this babanriga (or agbada) never looked better. We love the touch of modern with the shades and the sandals. He looks clean, he looks fresh! And from a very reliable source, he smells good too. So thumbs up man!

Noble igwe
Igbo Kwenu!! in this case, you reply, what’s up! There’s so much I love about this outfit, Safe to say it speaks for itself. Mixing African with western fashion is so au courant, and I like his take on it. Who would have thought that this horrible hat could be worn with jeans and sneakers? This is taking from the roots and bringing it to the streets. That’s what I call style.

Noble igwe

This casual native look couldn’t be any more on point! The pop of colour with the hat is cool. Do you love the man purse? Yes I love it too!!

Noble Igwe happenin
My only problem with hats is that as cool as they look, when worn on the streets, they make you look like wiz kid. And to be totally honest, in a country like ours where true style is not really common, people stare when you walk by, because they just aren’t used to seeing people playing with fashion. To them fashion is just top and jeans. So we have to give kudos to the people, who in this fashion-misunderstood country, still rock their style with no qualms!

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