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What Does the Word ‘Iberiberism’ by Governor Rochas Okorocha Mean?


The Governor of Imo state, Rochas Okorocha is known to be in the news for several hilarious reasons, the latest in his theatrics, is the coinage of the word ‘Iberiberism’. Since the viral video took over Nigerian social media like wild fire, ‘Iberiberism’ is becoming a part of the Nigerian vocabulary, with many throwing the word around, without knowing what it means. Iberiberism is not on English word, for those who are confused.

The word ‘Iberiberism’ is coined from the Igbo word ‘Iberibe’ meaning idiocy or utter stupidity, thus by adding the English suffix ‘ism’, Governor Rochas Okorocha turned the word ‘Iberiberism’ to mean a theory of stupidity.

When governor Okorocha confidently coined the word, it threw his interviewer off guard and he confidently declared that the word ‘Iberiberism’ can be found in the dictionary of Okorocha.

While this is something hilarious that Nigerians are beginning to adopt in their daily speech, wouldn’t you say that the Nigerian political landscape is steeped in ‘Iberiberism’. The harsh economic situation, corruption, poverty, crime, insecurity, in Nigeria, all of these can be seen as ‘Iberiberism’

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