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WhatsApp Goes Down Worldwide – Not only Nigeria


WhatsApp Messenger went down worldwide causing widespread panic for its users.Just when I was marveling at the fact that WhatsApp is one of the few apps on the Android store that has a reported 1 billion downloads. That has turned to the inconvenience of the hundreds of millions of individual users

Reported by an unconfirmed source as one of the fastest trending topics on Twitter, WhatsApp service interruption has caused it to trend on Twitter both Worldwide and in Nigeria.

As a personal experience, I was right in the middle of business conversations lining up my meetings for tomorrow by having conversations with my clients over WhatsApp and suddenly my messages stop delivering. I went into a panic, I checked my Wi-Fi Connection, Switched to Mobile Data, restarted my Phone, backed up my WhatsApp, uninstalled it, installed it again, did that multiple times actually.

This affair cost me 2 hours of my evening ( and since I have uninstalled it, I now have no record of the previous conversations I had dating back 2 years!). My dependence on the platform is ever so evident in its absence and it’s a sad reality. Thank you Whatsapp for reminding me that nothing is 100% dependable.

I can imagine BBM users having a nice laugh right now. Hopefully it’s not permanent and by the time I wake up tomorrow, WhatsApp would be restored to me. Here are a few reactions on Twitter, You can share yours below:

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