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Why I Prefer an Older Lover to a Younger One -Hip Hop Act,D’Code Declares


Akinyele Sokoya
Sexy rapper,and younger brother of movie star,Folashade Omoniyi aka Lepa Shandy,Idris Oluwatosin Omoniyi aka D’ Code has declared that although, he is still single, he would prefer to settle down with an older lover when he is ready for marriage.

Giving his reason thus, “older women are more matured and have an understanding of what life is all about,especially when it comes to marital issues. They know when you’re happy and when you’re not. They know what you want and what you don’t want,and know what’s good for you at the right time. But most of all these young girls out there don’t understand these.All they want is sex,then money.”

This talented music act who had a swell Africa’s music performance tour last year is also perfecting plans to embark on another music tour soon. He plans to visit European countries, like UK,France, Germany and few others

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