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Why World Cup 2018 is Unpredictable


The biggest tournament in the universe, the FIFA World Cup, currently held in Russia has been full of intrigue and surprises. It is not news that football giants Argentina were thrashed by Croatia in a 3-0 score line, even worse they (Argentina) also struggled and drew with Iceland in a 1-1 scoreline .

The unpredictability of the World Cup shows itself when several countries known for their prowess at the game of soccer are desperately struggling in the group stage matches. Defending champions, Germany, lost their match against Mexico.

Brazil did not fare any better as they struggled and drew with Switzerland. African football teams (Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Morocco and Nigeria) are at the bottom of their respective tables. Only Senegal has been impressive thus far.

The Iranian team have been quite impressive as well, because they have showed such dexterity for the game of soccer.

Clearly the idea of past glory in this tournament is non existent and teams have to prove their mettle on the field.


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