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Why you should never ‘form’


It’s easier to recount what we’ve lost, the mistakes we made and the things we didn’t achieve. But as the year comes to an end, I’ll rather reminisce on the pros than the cons 2014 has dished out to me.

You see, my happiness is of utmost importance to me and I’ve promised myself not to waste efforts crying or wallowing over spilt milk.

While I’m in the mood to reminisce, I’ll like to share a particular event this past year taught me that led me to get off my high horse and delete my “I know I’m a fine girl but I’m not interested” syndrome.

As a young lady barely into my teens when guys started hitting on me, I soon developed the afore mentioned syndrome, assuming that every guy or man who says hi to me or tries to chat me up is gunning for my cookie jar. Ninety percent of the time the probability is very high but the truth is “hey how are you doing?” is as simple as the question. I discovered this the hard way.

I was about leaving the church premises after service one hot Sunday afternoon when one young man trailed after and attempted to chat me up. I immediately recognized him as the guy that was eyeing me since in church (or so I thought), me in my small mind thinking it was the usual, “you look so familiar or your soo beautiful oh how I wish I was your man” kind of speech I went into ‘shakara mode’ not knowing I was passing up the opportunity of a life time”.

I didn’t even let the guy finish introducing himself I just blurted out, “I’m not interested’ and I sashayed myself to my fathers’ house feeling like a lion queen. The next Sunday he spotted me again and I noticed he was heading towards my direction, I mixed with the crowd and ran away, this went on a couple of Sundays and after a while I even felt silly, he hasn’t even said anything and I’m running like he’s a terrorist.

To cut the long story short I was at event once and saw him on the red carpet and I overheard a group of persons point and call his name along with a certain title “movie director, producer, script writer”, film maker for short – I almost passed out. I eventually met him and discovered he had been trying to speak to me to audition for his new movie he was working on, by then it was too late for me; the cast had already been chosen.

From that they on, I resolved to answer every one that greets me, hear what they have to say or offer before I jump into conclusion. You never know, the big contract you’ve been trusting God for and working hard towards will pass right under your nose, just like that.

Guys, please get off your high horses, humility pays.

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