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Wizkid Claps back at Davido for Shading Him


It would seem Davido is feeling some type of way about the imminent release of Wizkid’s EP, jealousy perhaps or the feeling of being threatened? Earlier this week, there was a tussle of what songs was number one on the iTunes chart, Wizkid’s ‘African Gyal’ or Davido’s newly released song ‘Fall’. Both singers had their own version of the charts put up on their respective social media accounts.



Wizkid puts his own ‘African Gyal’ as being number one on the iTunes Charts and Davido puts ‘Fall’ as number one with ‘African Gyal’ second to it. However it would seem Davido is being caught in a lie as he disables his social media comments, so he doesn’t get called out.

There is an escalation in the Cold War between both singers and Davido on his Snapchat shades Wizkid, who claps back, telling him to shelve his jealousy.

See Wizkid’s clap back here:

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