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Woman raped at gunpoint sentenced to be stoned to death for adultery


A teenager has been sentenced to death by stoning after she was accused of adultery because she said that she had been raped by her cousin.

The 19-year-old told a local tribal court that she was attacked at gunpoint in her family home in Rajanpur, Pakistan.

However, the elders decided that she had deliberately seduced her attacker and so sentenced her to death by stoning or for her to be sold off.
Four of the tribal elders, including the alleged rapist’s father, are now being held for their involvement in the unofficial court, after they ruled that the victim should be killed.

They decided that no action should be taken against the attacker.

She said that she was asleep with her family on Friday night when her cousin sneaked inside her house and raped her. She could not scream for help because he held a gun to her.

After reporting the crime and learning that she could be stoned to death, she sought refuge with her uncle who took her to police to inform them of the rape and the unofficial court’s ruling.

They declared that she was ‘Kari’, meaning that she was an adultress. Kari often leads to honour killings to restore the reputation of the family.

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