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Women, Children, Caught In Deadly Firefight Near Tunis

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At least two women and an unknown number of children were inside a home near Tunis where an armed group was exchanging gunfire Thursday with security forces, the interior ministry said.

“There are at least two men, at least two women and children (in the house). We also have information on the presence of explosives,” ministry spokesman Mohamed Ali Aroui told reporters.

“We have asked that they send out the children and women,” he said.

Police have been besieging the house in the town of Oued Ellil on the outskirts of the capital for several hours, exchanging fire with what authorities described as a “terrorist group”.

One policeman was killed in the firefight.

Aroui did not describe the women and children as hostages, saying one of the women is the “wife of one of the terrorists”.



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