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World Alumni Book (WAB) is the New Facebook for Alumi all Over the World

Mr. Lawrence

More and more, the world relies on the digital space, to connect and interact, thus we never really lose contact with those from our past. While Facebook, Linkedin and the likes are impressive tools for this connection, it does not address a vital part of our adult life, which is connecting with people we have gone to the University with.

One social Networking site is committed in its resolve to address this problem, by ensuring a connection between old university school mates, is World Alumni Book (WAB).

It is an initiative by a dedicated Nigerian entrepreneur, Muyiwa Lawrence, who has taken it upon himself to create a platform mainly for University Alumni to foster career opportunities and connect individuals across several career strata, who once attended the same university.

According to the brilliant mind behind this initiative, Muyiwa Lawrence, WAB is expected to connect Alumni on a global scale, not limiting itself to just Nigerian of African Universities. He went further to say that with the right investors, WAB would go beyond the African shore, to connect university alumni from all over the world.

Speaking on the reason behind the initiative, he said, “I had a little challenge when I wanted to register a trademark for my company. I needed a lawyer who would help with the legal work at the CAC. I remembered I had friends in the University who studied law. I searched for them on Facebook and came up empty.

“I tried to get their contacts from friends around, no luck. Then it dawned on me that there is no platform designed mainly for university alumni to share business ideas and career opportunities.”

He went further to say that there is so much subscribers should expect and all will be revealed at the launch of this global brand.

For a project of this magnitude, the young entrepreneur revealed that he has had to sacrifice so much and he is thankful for the support from his wife, Yewande Lawrence and older brother, Sunday Lawrence.

While speaking with Happenings Mrs Yewande Lawrence made it clear that she is unrelenting in her support of this lofty project and her husband, Muyiwa Lawrence.

This is good News for Alumni all over the world.


Mr & Mrs Lawrence & Family

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