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Wow! Drake’s Tom Ford lipstick sells out within minutes


The announcement of Tom Ford’s Drake inspired “Lips & Boys” lipstick collection about a year ago  wasn’t received with much glee, but the shimmering deep-plum hue lipstick reportedly sold out within minutes of being released.

According to Elle, the Drake shade sold out only minutes after being released on Net-A-Porter’s website Tuesday.

The rapper who recently became the first artist to have a diss track nominated for a Grammy, announced his foray into fashion last month, and not only managed to have one of the most respected designers in the fashion world name a lipstick after him but saw it instantly sell out. Cool right?

Drake seems to know who is responsible, he wrote on Instagram:

“My mom bought all of them. Hey Ma.”


image: graziadaily.co.uk

source: refinery29

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