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Blue and Red Flame II


By Dame Valutta


Sophie endured his embrace, struggling to understand what he was playing at or why. When it seemed like he wouldn’t let go, she gently pushed, hoping he would loosen his grip on her so it wouldn’t get ugly. She didn’t need the drama.

“Ben… You’re smothering me…” Sophie said calmly.

He still didn’t let go. He continued to hold her tight till she shoved at him forcefully and managed to free herself.

“What is wrong with you? Are you trying to cause a scene…?” She continued, her irritation mounting.

Ben stared at her, looking scared and lost all at once. He tried to rein himself in but couldn’t . It seemed like he had lost all ability to control himself or his emotions and was operating on desperation.

“Sophie… Please… We need to talk. Please…” His desperation seemed pitiful and tugged a little at her heart.

It took Mabel’s appearance for her resolution not to crumble totally. Mabel, though tipsy, still had the ability to manufacture venom on her friend’s behalf.

“What is this one doing here? And why are you even breathing in the same space as him?” She spat out.

Sophie sighed because a few people had turned in their direction; no thanks to Mabel’s raised voice.

“Mabel calm down and stop shouting. I can hear you perfectly” Sophie said.

“I’m not shouting because I think you can’t hear me. I’m shouting because I want the world to see this creature here…” Mabel hollered louder. Sophie sighed and looked around as their audience increased.

“Mabel, back off! This has nothing to do with you!” Ben hissed through gritted teeth.

“It has everything to do with me you lying, cheating, sex-addicted bastard! After what you did to Sophie, you want to weasel your way back? Because I know that’s what you want to do!”

Ben had had it! He could stare at Sophie and become completely confused and scared but he was not going to take Mabel’s insults. He turned to Mabel, grabbed her forcefully by the arm, pulled her close and whispered menacingly;

“You shut you damn mouth and mind your own fucking business you loveless bitter bitch! You’d do better to go search for a man to fill the void you call a life and stop acting as buffer and mouth-piece to you friend!” Ben pushed her away and stalked off, shoving the gathered audience out of his way.

Horrified at his outburst, Sophie ran to Mabel to help her up, noting that her friend had tears in her eyes. Without a word, they both left the beach side and headed for their lodge.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The lodge, which they shared with two other girls, was dark. It was not unusual… but the sounds coming from within was. Sophie and Mabel exchanged surprised looks. It wasn’t even 11p.m. yet and already, their lodge mates were sweating it out under men they’d met barely three hours earlier. Sophie was disgusted. Mabel, temporarily forgetting her spat with Ben, in the face of groans and moans, was impressed.

“Let’s go back to the beach.” Sophie suggested.

“Ehn? And miss this? Never! Since I can’t have sex because I don’t kukuma have a man, let me watch those that can. I might learn new styles.” Mabel replied with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“Are you serious? You want to stay here and peep? Hian!” Sophie couldn’t hide her disgust.

Mabel sniggered and climbed up the porch of their hut lodge. Sophie watched in horror as Mable tip-toed into the the lodge.  Not knowing what to do, she stood where she was, listening to the moans and groans as they got louder and more embarrassing. In a bid to calm her nerves, she counted to twenty slowly, deciding that if Mabel didn’t come out of the lodge, she was heading back to the beach, alone. She reached twenty and as if on cue, Mabel appeared, laughing deliriously.

“Sophie… Come and see fuck! Azin… The guys just dey pound dem like say tomorrow no dey. If you see one of dem prick ehn?  E be like maltex bottle. See as e fat? Choi!” Mabel was evidently amused. Sophie wasn’t.

“How did you see it? Isn’t it dark in there?” Sophie asked.

“They have a torch and it was on… ” Mabel replied. “Omo, the picture of that guy’s prick is stuck in my head… and now I’m horny.”

“I am going back to the beach. You can stay and have fun peeping or whatever.” Sophie said and marched away, ignoring Mabel’s call.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

She was alone by a corner, crowd watching and trying to quell the sudden sexual hunger that had overcome her. Mabel hadn’t joined her yet. Sophie assumed she was still peeping at their lodge-mates or, unlikely yet probably, she might have joined in on their fun. With a frown, she pushed the offending thought aside and was further irritated when that thought was replaced by another… Reminding her of her awkward sex-life. After she’d broken it off with Ben, she’d slept with half a dozen guys-at different occasions and time –  in a bid to exorcise him from her head. Sex with Ben had always been super and for a long while, she didn’t meet anyone who could match him sexually. Until Akin came along. Sophie smiled. Akin was another matter entirely. She didn’t want to think about sex, much less sex with Akin but the thoughts wouldn’t stop flowing and seeing as there was no one to converse with, she decided to let her thoughts roam free. Sophie walked up to one of the nearby makeshift bars, got a cold can of foreign red wine and sauntered back to her small corner to reminisce. She sat on the cool sand, cracked open her drink and sipped.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Akin had joined their company early that year. He was an average guy, with average looks and an average personality. Typical with new employees, he was overly eager to blend into the company and as such was too friendly. Alot of the older staff endured his over-friendliness. Sophie chose to stay aloof. She studied him from afar, not because she was attracted to him, but because her life was boring and anything else seemed fascinating , compared to it. She had been celibate for 8months, choosing not to go on dates or entertain men, so studying Akin became her private sport. He was a dedicated worker… Always at work on time… Always getting the job done… And always happy at the end of the month when salaries hit their accounts. Sophie learned he was newly wed and that his wife was pregnant with their first child.

How they began fucking was still a mystery to her. All she knew was that one evening after the close of work, she had gone to the boardroom to use the computer in there and had found Akin watching porn and stroking himself leisurely. Sophie had been shocked and disgusted by the sight. When Akin realized he had company, he had attempted to tuck his penis back into his boxers but that had been a mean feat, seeing as his penis was enormous. Sophie had wondered then, how such an average guy could possess such a huge, impressive penis. Needless to say, that evening had ended up with them fucking furiously in the boardroom. And that was how it begun. What had started out as unplanned, became a frenzy for them both. They fucked everyday, sometimes twice a day. In the store room, the board room, his office, her office, in the tea room, the toilet… every single place that was vacant for twenty minutes. They couldn’t get enough of each other. Though her feelings for him didn’t change, she loved his penis. Unfortunately for them both, Akin had fallen hard. He’d wanted more. He’d pushed for more. When Sophie refused, he’d become irrational and intrusive… showing up at her place, wanting to spend the night with her… calling her at odd hours and generally being a menace. Frustrated, Sophie told him off and stopped fucking him altogether. It was a miracle they both hadn’t been fired when the affair got to the ears of the General Manager. Akin, being the new staff, was transferred to their branch at Anthony Village and that had been the end of that.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Sophie smiled and sipped her wine. Akin’s penis had been grand and he knew how to use it. He wasn’t as sexually skilled as Ben, but he was good. Thinking about Ben somehow magically conjured him up because he appeared beside her, reeking of alcohol and tilting from side to side drunkenly. Sophie sighed in resignation.

“Go away Ben… You’re drunk and I don’t want company.” She muttered.

Ben staggered towards her and managed to plop himself down beside her with a sigh.

“I’m drunk!” He said with a chuckle.”It’s your fault, you know…”

Sophie gave him a dark look and shook her head in disgust.

“Everything wrong in your life is my fault. Go ahead… Blame Sophie… it will make you feel good but it won’t make you a better man.” She retorted.

Ben was silent. He remained silent for so long, Sophie thought he had fallen asleep. As she leaned closer to him to peer into his face, his arms circled her tightly and pulled her down on to his chest. With their faces barely inches apart, Sophie saw his eyes… dark with need. She panicked.

“Ben, let go off me right now… I’m asking nicely now o… Let go of me…” She ordered grimly.

Ben smiled as he stared at her angry face.

“God, I love you… Do you know how much I love you?” He asked.

Sophie struggled to break free, but he tightened his grip.

“Touch me Sophie… Touch me down there… See what you do to me… See how I have no control when I am around you. Touch it Sophie…” He said in a hoarse, passion-filled voice. Sophie glowered at him.

“Let me go! If you don’t, I will scream…” She threatened.

Ben loosened his grip temporarily and as she made to wriggle free, he tightened his grip again, pulled her face down and kissed her, gaining access into her mouth with his tongue. Sophie stiffened in shock.



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  1. its Dame again oooo… making one soil their undies in d offix, and d major tin neva start yet oo… well i knw ben is gonna shag sophie last last, and i hope mabel gets her cokkie filled too, that Akin’s D description mheen , i sooo want, reminds me of some1 i knw i cant marry buh would luv to shag ova and ova again, meaty somthing *evil laff*


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