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Youngest Presidential Aspirant For 2019 Elections Emerges


Akinyele Sokoya

The 37 years old youngest presidential candidate for 2019 elections,Ayodele Olumuyiwa Favour has emerged. His leadership strategy is a combination of Democratic, strategic, team, transformation and servant leadership style.

The demand for young candidate to take over the leadership of this country gave Favour the boldest step to want to actualise his dream. Favour a lecturer by profession and a counselor has spent over 20 years developing his management skills, gaining remarkable and impressive reputation in churches for being one of the dependable,reliable preacher and skilled music director whose time is well organized and managed.

Meanwhile, he is a self-taught multi-skilled entertainment guru.Having that,other prominent arears of his discipline and functions are administrative and management, business/corporate management and proposal writing,business development, marketing,advertisement and human resources.

Favour was appointed in April 2017 as an ambassador to International Security Device company. This youngest presidential aspirant has this to say in a brief interview with Happenings .

Why do you want to rule this country?

I will love to be a servant leader to lay a good legacy of true leadership,serving without reservation and I believe I have the capacity,potential and resources.

What motivated you into politics?

People are my reason(the rejected, marginalised outcast, poor,uneducated, bereaved,afflicted and much more).You see Nigeria is imprisoned with corruption and we need our freedom.That’s why I chose to take action.My conscience would not allow me to sit on the sidelines and watch our nation being ruined by self serving men.This is a new era for Nigeria and that’s why our initiative is called NEWDAWN.

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