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5 must-have bags to enter the new year in style


Just like wardrobe staples, we have bag staples that could would cover for all occasions if you had them. When building a wardrobe, there are pieces which are necessary to begin with, because they can be worn different times with different things- those are staples. The same goes for bags. Here are 5 bags that you must have, if you want to be fully covered for all occasions as you enter the new year, and when you have these bags, you can begin to go ahead and splurge on any every other piece that catches your eye.

An evening Clutch

bag clutch

This is a no brainer. It covers for all your evening shenanigans and your fancy outings. Getting a universal colour like gold, nude, silver or black makes it even more versatile.

The fancy/Practical sling bag

bag crossbody ronron93 wordpress

The sling bag is a nice errand bag, which can fit in to your casual outings and simple errands. It’s chic and also convertible, by tucking the handle into the handbag and it turns into a clutch.

Work bag

bag office fashiontt4w

This should be a bag that can fit in your jotters, tablets and laptops for work. One in a neutral colour will suffice so that it could match with all your work outfits.

The everyday tote bag

bag universal tote

This is that bag you can reach for your everyday runs and errands, outings and events. It could even act as a weekend bag. It’s basically that bag that you pick up everyday when you want to go out.

The weekend bag

bag weekender-bag

This is a portable bag that can be used for light travel and sleepovers. Getting a neat piece like this makes travel both lighter and stylish still.

Do you have these bags in your wardrobes?

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