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Your wardrobe guide is here to inspire your style this week


It’s another week, and your wardrobe guide is her to bring you daily inspirations to guide your style decisions through the week. This week we are going bold and fun with some of the pieces the fashion bloggers wore. Work is fun when you look good doing it and everyone loves to get a compliment anyway, so we’re bring you five looks that could guide you from Monday through Friday. Hope you love our picks



Go bold on Mondays with a mix of prints and flares. I love how she paired this peplum blouse with a flared skirt. You could belt it to create a balance and go bold with a pair of red pumps! if your office is more conservative,then do black pumps.



This pretty structured dress is great for a Tuesday morning. If you have a piece like this and it’s this short, you could get away with skinny pants, a pencil skirt or a panty hose. Heels finish off this look.



As the week winds up, dress codes become less serious, and I love how she played down her skirt and blouse with an ankara bag and her sandals. Style tip- A loosely tucked in shirt makes for nonchalant elegance.



The sleeveless jacket is having a shinning moment in style now thus this is a fab way to incorporate it into your office wear. Style tip: Dress up you sleeveless jackets by pairing with a structured shirt.


@prissyville e

The peplum dress is still stylish, a lovely ankara blouse in this style isn’t only appropriate for church. Wear a shirt of any matching colour underneath and have fun with it.

Fashion is flexible like that.

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